11 July, 2019 (Thursday)






Entrance of 2nd floor


Library Tours
*13:30 meet at the front gate at the Education Building.
National Taiwan Normal University

  • National Central Library

  • New Taipei City Library

  • National Taiwan University Library

12 July, 2019 (Friday)






 Entrance of 2nd floor


Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Welcome Performance – String Quartet, Department of Music,

    National Taiwan Normal University

  • Opening Remarks

    — Cheng-Chih Wu

    President of National Taiwan Normal University

    — Joyce Chao-Chen Chen

    Conference Chair of 2019 ICLIS

    — Dong-Geun Oh 

    President of I-LISS

    — Hao-Ren Ke 

    President of Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

    — Yuen-Hsien Tseng 

    Vice Chair of Graduate Institute of Library and

    Information Studies and Associate Dean of School of Learning Informatics, National Taiwan Normal University

 JIAO 201 (2F)
International Lecture Hall


Group Photo & Coffee Break


  Keynote Speech 1

Towards a Robust and Equitable Open Science Environment
Cassidy Rose Sugimoto (Indiana University Bloomington)

  • Session Chair – Joyce Chao-Chen Chen (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 201 (2F)
International Lecture Hall


Session 1Contributed Papers In Parallel Sessions

Session 1-1  Informetrics I

  • Session Chair – Yuen-Hsien Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University)

 JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall

A Current State of Library and Information Science Journals in Thai-Journal Citation Index

   — Jutatip Chanlun (Silpakorn University)

Content Analysis of Thai's Agricultural Volunteers Development from Thesis and Research

   — Chokthumrong Chongchorhor (Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University)

A Study of  "Sense of Place" in the Library by Co-occurrence Analysis

   — Erin Hea-Jin Kim, Gi-Ho Song, Byeong-Kee Lee (Kongju National University)

Status of Research in India and South Korea

   — B. Elango, P. Rajendran, and Dong-Geun Oh (IFET College of Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Keimyung University)

Session 1-2 Library Technical Services

  • Session Chair – Hao-Ren Ke (National Taiwan Normal University)

 Meeting Room I (3F)

Braille Collection Development Policy: A Case Study of the Malaysian Association of Blinds (MAB) Library

   — Yanti Idaya Aspura Mohd Khalid, Noorhidawati Abdullah, and Nur Hidayah Mohd Azhar (University of Malaya)

Metadata Quality Assessment in Electronic Theses and Dissertations of a Malaysian Institutional Repository

   — Raudhah Osman, Yanti Idaya Aspura Mohd Khalid, and Abrizah Abdullah (University of Malaya)

An Empirical Study of BIBFRAME in Transforming Library Records to Publishing Linked Data and its Potentials for Cataloging Professionals and Users

   — Ya-Ning Chen (Tamkang University), Wei-Han Wang (Tamkang University) and Joseph Dar-Maw Wen (Flysheet Information Services Inc.)

Valuing Your Library Resources and Services: Its Impact to Dean's Lister Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University

   — Venus Oruga, Mark Edzel Gonzales and Razel Natalie Muñoz (Lyceum of the Philippines University)


Session 1-3 Information Literacy

  • Session Chair – Hui-Yun Sung (National Chung Hsing University)

JIAO 310 (3F)

Enhancing the Interconnections Between Knowledge Organization and Information Literacy Through Guided Inquiry

   — Hsin Ju Lin (National Taiwan Normal University), Joyce Chao-Chen Chen (National Taiwan Normal University) and Pin Fang Tseng (National Taiwan University)

A Descriptive-Comparative Study Between Offline and Online Information Literacy Programs at University Level in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Rifda Jilan Syahidah (Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia), Indrazati Hanum (Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Kalbis) and Syifa Adiba (The Australian National University)

Digital Literacy Skills Among Netizens to Fight Against Cyberbullying

   Ario Adi Prakoso, Ignatius Trisna Setiadi, Ahdie Anwary, and Nunung Prajarto (Gadjah Mada University)

A Study on the Effect of Culture on Reading Comprehension in Small-Group Discussions: A Perspective of Power Distance and Individualism-Collectivism

   —Hong Shiu Liang and Joyce Chao-Chen Chen (National Taiwan Normal University)


Lunch Break


Poster Session

Hallway of 2nd floor


  Keynote Speech 2

The Usefulness of Search Results and Search Outcome
Pertti Vakkari (Tampere University)

  • Session Chair – I-Chin Wu (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 201 (2F)
International Lecture Hall


Coffee/Tea Break

Hallway of 2nd floor


Session 2Contributed Papers in Parallel Sessions

Session 2-1  Library Management

  • Session Chair - Ti Yu (JinWen University of Science & Technology)

JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall

5 Managers Team: The Cross Functional Management of Khon Kaen University Library in Thailand, the High Functional for More Values

   — Sudavadee Chaidajthayakul, Chutikarn Butprom, Radda Unjantee, Somthawil Sawangwong, Pimyada Wongsankaew and Srisawan Seedaphan (Khon Kaen University Library)

Asian Libraries Serving Users from Other Asian Countries: Get Ready, It's Increasing!

   — John Hickok (California State University Fullerton)

Library Consortium in the Philippines: The Case of the CICM Schools

   — David A. Cabonero (Saint Mary's University Learning Resource Center) and Rina H. Diaron (Saint Louis University)

Privacy Laws and Data Protection: Implications for Libraries and Practical Suggestions for Daily Operations

   — Katie Lai (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Benny Chan (Barrister-at-Law)

Session 2-2  Information Behavior

  • Session Chair - Tien-I Tsai (National Taiwan University)

 Meeting Room I (3F)

Information Behavior of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants in the Digital Environment

   — Mei Mei Wu (National Taiwan Normal University) and Shin Yin Yung (National Taiwan Normal University Library)

Use of E-Journals Among Students in Non-English Speaking Countries

   — Leila Karunia, Khairunissa and Ella Erliyana (Gadjah Mada University)

The Role of Oral Culture for Health Literacy among Prostitute

   — Lasenta Adriyana (Gadjah Mada University), Dwi Fitrina Cahyaningtyas (Gadjah Mada University) and Abidin Irawan (Stikes Bhakti Husada Mulia Madiun)

Identifying Potential Solutions to Increase Discoverability and Reuse of Analog Datasets in Various National Museum of the Philippines Library and Archives Locations

   — Gianina Cabanilla (University of the Philippines Diliman)

Session 2-3  School Library

  • Session Chair - Mei-Mei Wu (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 310 (3F)

How School Librarians Experience Evidence-Based Practice: A Comparative Study of School Librarians from Australia, China and Hong Kong

   — Annie Tam (The Independent Schools Foundation Academy) and Zvjezdana Dukic (University of Zagreb)

The Role of School Libraries in Improving Information Literacy with Information Architecture Nuances History

   — Ario Adi Prakoso, Enkin Asrawijaya and Ignatius Trisna Setiadi (Gadjah Mada University)

Preliminary Findings on Exploring the Relationship of Different Affecting Factors on Reading Engagement and Learning Achievement

   — Vincent Tsung-Yeh Lee (National Taiwan Normal University), Joyce Chao-Chen Chen (National Taiwan Normal University) and Christopher Soo Guan Khoo (Nanyang Technological University)

13 July, 2019 (Saturday)






 Entrance of 2nd floor


  Keynote Speech 3

How Advances in Deep Learning is Changing How We Solve Problems
Ed H. Chi (Google AI)

  • Session Chair – Hao-Ren Ke (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 201 (2F)
International Lecture Hall


Session 3Contributed Papers In Parallel Sessions

Session 3-1  Library and Technology

  • Session Chair - Ya-Ning Chen (Tamkang University)

JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall

An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning Techniques Applied to Skew-Distributed Text Classification

   — Yuen-Hsien Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University)

A Face Recognition System Using OpenFace and Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks

   — Jinnawat Talasee and Chakkrit Saengkaew (Mahasarakham University)

"Reading Chatbot" Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center Smart Assistant

   — Sikharin Suwannatee and Authaiwan Suwanyangyuen (Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center)

Digital Right Management on Library and Information Science Under Blockchain-based Information-Centric Networking Architecture

   — Yu-Jie Kuo and Jiann-Cherng Shieh (National Taiwan Normal University)

Session 3-2  Knowledge Management

  • Session Chair - Kiran Kaur (International Library and Information Science Society)

 Meeting Room I (3F)

Transfer of Knowledge Management for Increasing Productivity of Regional Library Organizations in Indonesia

   — Ella Erliyana, Leila Karunia, and Khairunissa (Gadjah Mada University)

Fabric–Weavers' Learning Behavior to Promote Hand-Woven Fabric Potentiality in Surin Province, Thailand

   Sangwan Tukpimai, Santhana Kulrat, and Supasinee Wichien (Surindra Rajabhat University)

The Development of Tourism Public Relations Based on the Community-Based Tourism Concept

   — Siriprapa Prapakornkiat (Mahasarakham University), Ratanachote Thienmongkol (Mahasarakham University), and Itdhipol Singhkhu (Udon Thani Rajabhat University)

Session 3-3 Informetrics II

  • Session Chair - I-Chin Wu (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 310 (3F)

A Comparison of Editorial Board Members of Non-Western Journals and LIS Core Journals

   — Dong-Geun Oh (Keimyung University), Eungi Kim (Keimyung University), Jisuk Yeo (Keimyung University), Kiduk Yang (Kyungpook National University), and Jongwook Lee (Kyungpook National University)

Mapping the Research Productivity of Alagappa University During 2009 – 2018 as Reflected in Scopus and Web of Science: A Comparative Network Analysis

   — R. Jeyshankar and E. Nishavathi (Alagappa University)

International Collaboration Patterns of Uzbekistan Researchers

   — Jushkin Kozimov and Eungi Kim (Keimyung University)


Poster Session

 Hallway of 2nd floor


Lunch Break


  Keynote Speech 4

New Directions for Library and Information Service, Research and Education
Christopher S. G. Khoo (Nanyang Technological University)

  • Session Chair – Mei-Mei Wu (National Taiwan Normal University)

JIAO 201 (2F)
International Lecture Hall


Session 4Contributed Papers In Parallel Sessions

Session 4-1  Library and Communication

  • Session Chair - Sujin Butdisuwan (Mahasarakham University)

JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall

Establishing Social Media Authority through Users' Trust: Stories from Three Academic Libraries in Nigeria

   —Yanti Idaya Aspura Mohd Khalid (University of Malaya), Abrizah Abdullah (University of Malaya) and Joshua Sani Magoi (Kaduna State University)  

A Development of Interactive Media to Enhance Comprehension of Primary GMP Certification for Entrepreneur

   — Nattida Maneeruang and Ratanachote Thienmongkol (Mahasarakham University) 

The Development of 2D Computer Game to Promote Thai Alphabet Memorization of the Children with Learning Disability

   — Rutthaphon Noppavong Na Ayutthaya (Mahasarakham University), Khachakrit Liamthaisong (Mahasarakham University) and Itdhipol Singhkhum (Udon Thani Rajabhat University)

Applying of Human Centered Design to Develop an Interactive Media for Using Isan Fishing Instruments in Khonkaen Museum

   — Patoomtip Paritesano (Mahasarakham University), Ratanachote Thienmongkol (Mahasarakham University) and Itdhipol Singhkhum (Udon Thani Rajabhat University)

Session 4-2  Scholarly Communication

  • Session Chair - Suyu Lin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

 Meeting Room I (3F)

A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation of English Abstracts and Summaries of Chinese Research Articles Indexed by the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index

   — Min-Chun Ku (Tamkang University)

An Experimental Digital Scholarship Project on “Re-mining” an Annotated Bibliography of the Classical Writings of Hong Kong Poets

   — Kitty Siu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library)

Readiness of Indonesian Academic Libraries for Open Access Implementation

   — Ida Fajar-Priyanto and Safirotu Khoir (Gadjah Mada University)

Motivations for Using Open Government Health Data: Data Practitioners' Perspectives

   — Wei-Chung Cheng and Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu (National Taiwan Normal University)

Session 4-3  Library Patron Services

  • Session Chair - Yuan-Ho Huang (Fu Jen Catholic University) 


JIAO 310 (3F)

Home Away from Home: Delivering Virtual Reference Services to Lyceum of the Philippines University Stakeholders

   — Venus Oruga, Razel Natalie Muñoz, and Mark Edzel Gonzales (Lyceum of the Philippines University)

Reference Services Management and Innovation in Thai Academic Libraries: A Study Based on the Marketing Mix 7Ps Concept

   — Kittiya Sutthiprapa and Kulthida Tuamsuk (Khon Kaen University)

Exploring the Emotional Healing Efficacy of the Holy Bible: The Case of the Christian Students of National Taiwan University

   — Chen Su-May Sheih and Sin-Yi Chan (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Measuring the Library Anxiety Among the Users in the Central Government Funded Universities of Assam, India.

   — Rajesh Chutia and Mukut Sarmah (Assam University)

School Library Services for SEN Students in Hong Kong: From the Perspective of Teacher-Librarians

   — Helen M. Y. Chan (Lam Tin Methodist Primary School) and Leo F.H. Ma (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Coffee/Tea Break

Hallway of 2nd floor


Best Papers and Posters Award/ Closing Ceremony

  • Closing remarks

    — Joyce Chao-Chen Chen 

    Conference Chair of 2019 ICLIS

  • Video Showcase

  • Best Papers and Posters Award

  • Handover Ceremony to the 2020 Conference Host

JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall


Annual General Body Meeting of I-LISS

JIAO 202 (2F)
International Conference Hall

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